Creatives in Residence


… this is the motto under which the wieweg Artspace, wants to take root in this year. Our aim is to fill this house with artists and craftspeople of all kinds.

Spaces for cooperation between fields who seemingly have nothing to do with each other are very rare but offer the possibility for many new and unexpected things to happen.
So to achieve crosspollination through the genres we offer this space for multiple people at a time to work alongside each other in an up to 6 months long residency.

A carpenter and a poet, a photographer and some gardeners or two painters of rivalling schools, someone making clay replicas of penguin eggs together with an ice skater. Every pairing is possible.

The house itself has long been dormant but before that has served as shopping centre, restaurant and many other things. Now it has been restored to offer big Atelier and exhibition spaces. It is about an hours drive away from Stuttgart and a 10 minute walk from the nearest sheep.

more about the Location and Spaces


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